9 Amazing Health Benefits of Snake fruit (Salacca zalacca)


Snake fruit is fruit originally from South Sumatra and Southwest of Java. It has brown yellowish color with white fruit flesh and dark brown big seed inside. Not every people familiar with this unique yet delicious fruit. Especially those who live in sub tropical and cold continent. But those who have travel a lot, especially to tropical countries, they must have known at least, and taste this fruit.

The plant of snake fruit is full of torn with big leaves. It is perennial tree which is able to live more than 10 years in a single plantation. However, not every soil is suitable to cultivate this fruit. It has to be in low land and has high humidity. Something unique about this snake fruit is that we have to manually help to pair the male and female flowers in order to obtain the fruit.

It turns out, there are health benefits of Salak we can achieve. The availability of useful substances in Salak making it possible to be used as health support. There are many useful substances, such as vitamin B2, vitamin C, Iron, Carbohydrate, phosphorus, fiber, and calcium. Hence, the health benefits of Salak is helpful supporting our healthy lifestyle.

9 Health Benefits of Salacca

Sustains the Cardio’s health

Those who loves coffee, cigarettes, oily foods, fats are vulnerable of getting cardiovascular disorders. Hence, consuming Snake fruit (Salacca zalacca) on daily basis is very helpful.

The health benefits of Snake fruit for the health of cardiovascular is because it has the substance of potassium.

Not to mention the content of antioxidant and minerals also help our “ticker” to work properly. It is also help to distribute the water throughout the body.

It sustains our body stamina

Salak has lots of useful substances from carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals to sustain our body stamina.

The combination of those good substances which are very useful for our body to maintain its top shape condition.

Consuming this snake fruit at least once in two days will help our body to recover its condition. Yet, it also helps to keep our eyes healthy, postpone the early aging process, and prevent us from getting diseases.

It checks out our blood sugar level

Another health benefits of Salacca zalacca it to balance our blood sugar level.

The skin of Snake fruit can be made as tea, which is very useful to increase the pancreas cell renew process.

Not to mention, it is also contains pterostilbene which is very useful to decreases the blood sugar in our body. Hence, consuming Salak is very helpful to control the diabetes disease.

It flogs body’s overall health

It is already said before, that the Snake fruit contains lots of good substance which is our body desperately needs.

Salak’s vitamins and minerals help our body to increase its self sustainable. The Salacca zalacca’s antioxidants helps our body to recover form any possible damage and rejuvenate the broken cells.

Not to mention, it is also very helpful to combat against cancer. Consuming the Snake fruit regularly will prevent us from getting hemorrhoids. All in all, Salak fruit is very good help support for us.

Helps to treats myopic (nearsightedness)

It is not only vitamin A we need to increase and maintain our eyesight. Even, if we are already wearing glasses to help cure and help the eye disorders, it is not quite enough.

We need food/edible substance which is rich or contains lots of vitamins, minerals, and other good substances for our eyes health. Hence, as the health benefits of Snake fruit is very good for our eyes health, since it contains lots of good and complete nutrients.

It is good nutrients pregnancy

Salacca zalacca contains lots of calcium, fiber, carbohydrates, and antioxidant. Hence, Snake fruit benefits for health is obvious. It provisions of good substance to the pregnant women. Especially, to young women with pregnancy, it will ease the morning sickness.

Since it consists of so many useful nutrients, Salak is very helpful to sustain the health of young pregnant women. Not to mention, it also gives a healthy food for the baby to come. However, it is not highly suggestion to consume Salacca zalacca too much. It is enough if it is taken frequently.

It increases our brain memory

Has anyone heard that Salak is also known as memory fruit. It has certain reasons, since Salacca zalacca contains lots of potassium and pectin.

Hence, another health benefits of Salak is to increase the ability of our brain to save memory/remember. Not to mention, it is also increases the cognitive capability as well as improve the brain’s memory capacity.

It acts as eye medicine

Salak contains of vitamin A as well as beta-carotene. To keep the health of eye, consuming snake fruit regularly is another option other than carrot or tomato juice.

Simply blend the flesh of Salak fruit and make it into juice. It has the same benefits with carrots and tomatoes juice. Hence, consuming Salacca zalacca regularly is very good for our eyes health.

It is good for the intestines

Another good substances available inside the Salak are tannin, saponin, and flavonoid. Those are good substances for our digestive system.

The health benefits of Salacca zalacca for our stomach is to avoid us form getting digestive disorder. However, the best way to eat Salak fruit is eat the fruit along with its soft whitish skin or epidermis, which is very helpful to prevent constipation.

It is a good dietary fruit

Salacca zalacca fruit consists lots of antioxidant, fiber, calcium, and carbohydrate. Hence, Salak fruit is very highly suggested in dietary program. Its calcium and carbohydrate provide us with enough energy while we’re still on our diet.

We can achieve the benefits of Salak fruit for diet program by take its fiber and antioxidant which are very good in rejuvenating damaged cells and postponing early aging process.

Not to mention, the tea from Salak fruit is also very good to reduce bad fat in our body. Another option, which is you never heard of is, the coffee made of Salak seeds. You might wanna try it yourself.


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