11 Amazing Benefits Of Guarana For Skin, Hair, And Health

It’s often said that good things come in small packages. This is especially true for guarana berries. These small, red and exotic berries can do a world of good for our bodies.

What Are Guarana Berries?

  • Guarana is a climber belonging to the family of Maples and indigenous to Brazil.
  • Known for its coffee-bean sized fruit, this plant comes packed with a good concentration of 2-4.5 % of caffeine.
  • They are a natural source of unleashed energy; it is rich with tannin, xanthan, theobromine, and theophylline.
  • A very effective dietary supplement, this fruit is available in the form of pills as well as powder. The rich presence of caffeine makes it a sought after ingredient in various sodas, beverages, as well as Guarana energy drinks.

Get to know about the various benefits Guarana has in store for you right here…

Benefits Of Guarana:

1. Natural Source of Energy:

The caffeine content in Guarana is more than the amount present in coffee beans. This makes it a wonderful energy booster. A natural stimulant, it prevents fatigue. It also prevents a dip in energy levels triggered due to muscle stress.

2. Aids in Weight Loss:

The role of caffeine in promoting weight loss is an established one. The fruit is also known to possess appetite-suppressing properties. A tea prepared using Guarana had been used since time immemorial to suppress hunger, paving way for weight loss.

Studies also indicate that this fruit prompts the nervous system to induce lipolysis, where the fats released into blood are used in the form of energy while exercising. The better the rate of lipolysis the more effective the weight loss will be.

3. Natural Remedy for Stress:

Also known as the magical fruit, it is known to have calming properties. A cup of tea with this fruit could actually help to ease the stress levels and improve your mood. Caffeine is known to have positive effects on mood, and this increases alertness and feelings of well-being.

4. Better Mental Health:

Along with facilitating better learning capacities, Guarana is also known to aid in improving intellectual performance. You can use it along with Ginseng for enhanced mental powers. This fruit has the potential to improve blood circulation, thus promoting better mental health. The better the blood circulation levels are, the more relief you will get from your migraine and headaches.

5. Better Digestive System:

When used along with Turmeric powder, this can be used to improve digestion power. A natural remedy for bloating and diarrhea, Guarana has been used across Europe to treat water retention. The fruit is also known to be useful in curing bowel problems and helps in eliminating the wastes and toxins accumulated in the bowels, thus acting as a natural detoxifying agent.

6. A Natural Aphrodisiac:

This dietary supplement is known across the world for its natural aphrodisiac properties. The presence of caffeine in this fruit enriches it with its innate libido stimulating properties. Thus, regular use can help a person lead a blissful sexual life.

7. Good for Cardiovascular System:

Innately blessed with antioxidants, Guarana helps in fighting the free radicals affecting the functioning of the cardiovascular system. The scavenging of these elements thus boosts the power of the cardiovascular system, keeping various heart diseases at bay.

8. Natural Antidote for Menstrual Problems:

This is a blessing for women who are prone to painful menstruation. It regulates the cycles and is also known to aid in eliminating premenstrual symptoms. Women, who feel lethargic and worn out during menstruation, can take the help of Guarana for improving their energy levels.

9. Natural Blood Thinning Agent:

The presence of catechins and caffeine enables these fruits to act as an anti-platelet agent. These ingredients help in lowering the risk of various cardiovascular diseases as well as thrombosis by preventing the blood from thinning, turning ‘sticky’, and forming clots.

10. Natural Analgesic:

The caffeine present in Guarana stimulates the circulation of blood. The better the circulation of blood is, the lower the pains experienced in an injury. It acts as a natural analgesic, thereby helping those who are suffering from constant headaches, migraines, as well as menstrual and other pains.

Other Benefits Of Guarana?

Along with the above-mentioned benefits, this fruit is beneficial in the following ways as well:

  1. Naturally mild diuretic
  2. Ease pain caused due to rheumatoid arthritis
  3. Prevents atherosclerosis and other such medical conditions
  4. A natural tonic and stimulant
  5. Prevents vaginal discharge
  6. A natural antidote for hangovers
  7. Innate anti-depressant properties
  8. Known for its antiseptic properties

How to use Guarana?

Traditionally, people used to take ½ to 1 cup of Guarana seeds infusion once to thrice every day. A tincture prepared in the proportion of 4:1 is also advisable twice a day.

If you are using the supplement in the form of capsules or powder, limit the intake to 3 to 6 grams, divided equally over three doses. You can use the powder in a multitude of ways

1. Guarana Tea/ Coffee- Make the tea by adding boiling water, tea bag/coffee, milk, and sugar to 1 tsp of powder

2. Smoothies- Mix up to 1  tsp of powder with fruit, juices, and yogurt

3. Juice – Mix up to 1 tsp powder into your favorite juice.

Precautions While Using Guarana:

While studies advise that 300 milligrams of caffeine intake per day are usually safe and beneficial for most adults, you should be careful about your consumption. Always consult your doctor before partaking in any stimulants and be on the lookout for any warning signs.

  • Guarana seed extracts are known to trigger nervousness, insomnia, headaches, anxiety, heart palpitations, and high levels of blood pressure in some, it is advisable not to exert while using this supplement.
  • Pregnant women should stay away from this supplement as studies show that intake of caffeine in excessive amounts (more than 300 mg daily) could hamper fetal development, and even trigger a miscarriage.
  • Lactating mothers are also advised to keep a check on the inclusion of this supplement in the hurry to lose baby weight due to its appetite suppressing nature. It is profusely rich in caffeine. and may not be recommended while lactating.
  • It is a potential source of caffeine and is not advisable to intake this supplement just before you hit the bed, especially if you are suffering from any kind of sleep disorder.

As with all fruits, vegetables, and dietary supplements, Guarana also comes with a set of benefits and precautions. Cross-check with your dietician and doctor before you embark on your journey with this caffeine loaded supplement to make use of it in the best way.


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