12 Amazing Health benefits of Lotus Essential Oil

This excellent yet useful essential oil is coming from the extraction of the Lotus flower. Lots of people already familiar with this flower. Also, since ancient times, the particular flower of Lotus has been utilized in medicine, beauty, attractiveness care, and many more purposes. The particular Lotus flower usually lives above the water surface, along with the roots under the drinking water deep into the dirt underneath it. It is usually Nelumbo nucifera the scientific name of the Lotus flower. Many cultures have strong relations using this beautiful floral.

However, not only its beautiful color but the Lotus flower also has a distinctive fragrance which is very useful to treat respiratory disorders, even in traditional cultures. Many traditional remedies use it as aromatherapy, and nowadays, it even used as an additional substance as in the making of bath soap, other personal care including body lotions.

Furthermore, it needs a long process to gain most of the Lotus health benefits, especially the effect of Lotus essential oil as we discuss more here in this article. Besides the Lotus earthy and floral fragrance relax effect, it has more benefits to know. Not only physically, but mentally as well as body, mind, and spirit advantages.

Hence, here are the benefits of Lotus essential oil for health we should know:

1. Body skin benefits

The Lotus essential contains lots of useful substances such as vitamin B, vitamin C, linoleic acid, iron, phosphorus, proteins, and many others. Furthermore, many of those useful substances are good for maintaining and keeping our skin in its natural beauty. Not to mention, the Lotus essential oil for skin health is publicly known as well.

2. Astringent compound

Teenagers and sometimes adults having trouble getting rid of pimples and or blemishes. The Lotus essential oil using as an astringent can be very effective in curing or controlling the current blemishes and pimples.

3. As aromatherapy

Not only act as astringent as above, turns out that the Lotus essential oil aromatherapy is also widespread well known already. It is famous as help to smooth our respiratory system. As well as relief from mild diseases such as cold, flu, and fever. Another advantage of using Lotus as an essential oil is it also calms our nervous syndrome, and avoid us from stress.

4. Use it as massage and bath oil

Another advantage of the Lotus essential oil for health is to use it as a massage oil and soak bath. The result of using the Lotus essential oil as the massage oil regularly is the healthy, radiant, pops of the original color of the skin. Nonetheless, Lotus essential oil will encourage your skin to rejuvenate and replace the dead skin with the new one.   Hence, your skin will stay to look young each time, as well as you are avoiding the early aging process.

5. Free radicals repellent

Free radicals to our body are massive damage. It can cause cancer, fasten the early aging process, and as well as protecting our body from any possible disease that comes from the ousting side of our body. Its contents of flavonoids and also polysaccharides provide antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, as well as moisturizers to our body.

6. Prevent early aging process

As you read above, another benefit of the Lotus essential oil for health is preventing your skin from early aging effect processes, such as wrinkles, freckles, the dull color of your skin, and other skin problems. Although you have to maintain a healthy lifestyle, the Lotus essential oil helps you to increases to be healthy. Un stable mood, stress, bad habits such as smoking and drinking, are the main causes of the early aging process. The Lotus essential oil for skin makes you neutralize the toxics, and makes your skin healthier, radiant, supple, and stay young. You may add some other essential oil such as sandalwood essential oil, eucalyptus, floral, citrus, and still many other essential oils.

7. Ease the mood

The blood circular system will dilute the Lotus essential oil and make the most use of it in the area of the plexus, gall bladder, and liver. It is eventually able to ease and calm down our mood. Not to mention, it will remove unstable moods and bad emotions from our system.

8. Act as an appetizer

Have you tried to add Lotus essential oil to the food you eat? Give it a try, and see the difference for yourself. It will ease the work of our digestive system, and also losing our chances of getting overly gastric acid. Moreover, it will give a comfortable feeling inside our stomach, and eventually increasing our appetite, and encourage us to eat more. This Essential oil of Lotus is very suitable for people who long to have weight gain.

9. Enhance the work or our brain

As the Lotus essential oil is able to calm the brain, soon after that, the brain returns to its original function. Nonetheless, it will give the brain nutrients it needs. Hence, it will be able to boost concentration, the ability to digest information, as well as increase brain clarity.

10. Ease the breathing

Lotus essential oil has a distinctive aroma. Yet its fragrance is unique and able to soothe and ease the lungs. By all means, it will ease the work of the respiratory system along with health maintenance. Either you can burn the Lotus essential oil and enjoy the smoke, or use its candle with Lotus essential oil aromatherapy, both have the same effects. Not only soothing our lungs but it also relieving our thoughts, reducing stress, increasing our mood, and in certain people, it also increasing libido.

11. Good for the heart

It is logical whenever the other body organs are healthy, the heart is the most get the advantages. It has to take the extra job of pumping the blood through all the veins whenever other organs are failing. Hence, the advantages of Lotus essential oil for heart health is no myth at all. Have you heard about the cardiotonic compound? It is a useful substance for the heart organs which is can be found inside the Lotus essential oil. It helps us to control our blood pressure, and as the result, it eventually avoid us from getting sudden cardiac arrest.

12. Anti-anxiety

As you can read above. We can use it as if it is in a candle, aroma stick, Lotus essential oil is a very good addition to our mind, soul, and mental therapy. Its unique and distinctive fragrance will ease our minds, as soon as it enters our nostrils.

13. Good as a fragrance

Last, but not least, many modern people nowadays, want to go back to nature. The Lotus essential oil as a fragrance is one of the best ways out. Not only natural, but the fragrance is singular.

One thing to remember is that the Lotus essential oil is NOT meant to be prime health support. The Lotus essential oil for health care support and should be used with extra measurement. Not that the Lotus essential oil effect is great, but just in case something went wrong. Note that you should do consults with your own primary health care before doing anything. Especially when it comes to your healthiness.


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