12 Benefits of Fruit Loofah From Vietnam (Luffa Aegyptiaca)

Lately, we seem digegerkan with news of sightings of fruit plant which has a shape similar to a female breast. The name of the fruit is the fruit of loofah. Maybe loofah fruit is still unfamiliar to you. Loofah fruit is not a native fruit that comes from Indonesia. This fruit is a fruit typical of that found in the State of Vietnam. Loofah fruit has a pink color with an enlarged end portion and has a black lump in the breast is similar to the nipple. Indeed sound a bit vulgar, but the fruit is really there.

About Loofah Fruit From Vietnam

Loofah fruit is actually one type of cucumber that goes into varieties of vegetables. Loofah in the region of origin, people use it as a food or food ingredient. In Indonesia, vegetable squash is a vegetable that is still a relative with a loofah. Intrigued with the loofah, fruit-like breast?

Loofah fruit has Luffa Aegyptiaca Scientific name. The shape was a bit strange and the new view may be a little hesitant to consume. In general, the Vietnamese community loofah widely used as an ingredient of dishes such as soups and other dishes. The following will explain the various benefits of fruit loofah:

1. Loofah beneficial for constipation cure

If you have constipation or other digestive disorders, eating fruits loofah can help you overcome digestive problems. Loofah fruit that is completely ripe contains a lot of fiber which is very good for the digestive system.

2. Loofah useful to serve as a delicious vegetable

Want to try different dishes? Looks like loofah can be a unique recommendation to accompany the meals you eat. To be used as food ingredients, usually used loofah young fruits that can be cooked as a vegetable, soup, or other dishes. Sense of loofah actually similar to squash vegetable flavor that we can find it easily.

3. Loofah as sponges for bathing?

Did you know if you use a regular sponge for bathing are also made from fruit loofah? Hmmm, what ya right? Loofah fruit before having to go through the processing advance to be used as a bath sponge. In this process, the fruit is cleaned and only spared loofah fiber that is xylem. This is what will be produced as the main ingredient sponge maker.
In addition to the sponge bath, loofah already dried can be used as a sponge to wash the dirty cutlery. Loofah’s usefulness, in this case, is effective because of a lot of fiber that can sweep dirt leftovers.

4. Fruit loofah as raw material for furniture

Loofah fruit there is also used as a raw material for making furniture. Production of furniture using a loofah is mostly found in the country of Paraguay. Use loofah fruit in furniture this is by mixing with other materials.

5. Loofah fruit can be made snack foods

Have you ever tried a snack made of loofah? If not, you can also cultivate loofah to be used as a snack or light meal at home. The trick is to slice the fruit beforehand loofah. After that loofah that has been sliced can be flavored and fried until crispy. Simple is not it?

6. Loofah fruit can brighten the skin

Loofah fruit is believed to increase the brightness of the skin. The trick? To do this a little unique. If you want to get the properties of loofah this one, you can use a tool made of loofah scrub dried. The scrub tool is said to be able to lift dead skin cells and can shrink the pores of your skin. However, do not rub too hard, because the skin may actually hurt rather than become brighter. Use a loofah scrub on a regular basis so that results can be maximized. Furthermore, the effect of the tool of loofah scrub will make the skin more healthy because doing scrub on the skin, will help the circulation of air on the surface of the skin so the skin becomes healthier. Interesting right?

7. Loofah fruit as medicine

Loofah fruit which has a lot of vitamins and other nutrients can be used as medicine. What are the diseases that can be cured by fruit loofah? You can use a loofah fruit in a way to boil, then boiled water loofah can be used to prevent or treat disease coughs. Perform treatment with boiling water loofah regularly until the cough gradually recovering.

8. Loofah fruit to relieve joint pain

The benefit of fruit loofah others is to treat pain in the joints. Several studies have shown that consuming loofah, either cooked or boiled and drunk the water, can menghilangkat pain that occurs on your joints.

9. Consuming fruits loofah can treat swelling

Loofah fruit consumed in a straightforward manner be eaten to relieve swelling in the sinuses or nasal area. Consume directly loofah can keep nutrients and properties that are stored in the loofah. For information only, the loofah taste is slightly sweet and not too bad for raw consumption. Worth a try.

10. Loofah fruit can be launched ation

If you are a mother who is breastfeeding, increasing the consumption of fruit loofah will help you to produce milk. It has not been much research done to prove this. But there is no harm in trying to make a loofah as an ingredient for the food menu, is not it?

11. Fruit loofah to smooth the menstrual cycle

For women who experience irregular menstrual cycles, or you experience pain during menstruation, eating fruit loofah. The content that is in the original fruit of Vietnam is believed to unleash your monthly cycle.

12. Fruit loofah as raw material for skincare products

Besides being used to scrub and sponge, loofah turns fruit is also used as an ingredient for making skincare products. Experts believe that using a loofah as an ingredient in beauty products can detoxify toxins in the body.

13. Had panda eyes? Try fruit loofah as an eye mask

Do you often stay up? For those of you who have trouble sleeping or have a job that requires you to always sleep late, dark circles are reasonable things that may appear in your eyes. However, dark circles or often referred to as the panda eyes will certainly be a very disturbing appearance. To minimize circular blackish color in your eye area, use a loofah fruit as a mask on the eyes. The trick davit with fruit smoothes loofah then applied to the eye area. You can also simply slicing fruit loofah then put on the eye.

Side Effects Fruit Loofah

In addition to having a wide range of benefits that are very useful for health or beauty, as well as edible, fruit loofah also allegedly have some side effects if not addressed properly can be detrimental. What is it about the side effects of the loofah fruit like this breast?

The effects of its use as a sponge

The use of fruit as a scrub or loofah sponges for bathing if rubbing too hard can cause sores on the skin surface. There is a good body with a loofah scrub with not too hard. In addition, do not use a scrub or loofah sponge for facial skin. This is because the skin on the face is more sensitive and thinner. So feared could damage the skin tissue on your face.

Excessive Consumption Effects

Loofah consumption too often in large numbers might cause headaches, irritability, loss of concentration to less awareness. To that end, it should be noted the amount and intensity of consumption of this loofah.

Accelerate Bleeding

For patients with bleeding disease, eating loofah can aggravate bleeding. Stop eating a loofah to recover nosebleeds if you want to treat swelling in the nose or your sinuses with a loofah fruit.

Nutrition on Fruit Loofah

Here’s a list of nutrients contained in fruit loofah as a reference to the consumption of fruit loofah. In 250 grams of loofah, there are:

  • 40 cal energy
  • 2 grams or 8 cal content of Calories
  • 0.25 gram or 2.25 Kal fat content
  • 9.5 grams or 38 cal content of Carbohydrates

In addition to some of the nutrients that have been mentioned above, studies have shown that in 250 grams of loofah there is also contain vitamins and minerals that not a few of which are Folate and Vitamin K. Now with a high nutrient content, no wonder the benefits of a loofah fruit This is very powerful Vietnam


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