9 Awesome Health Benefits of Lempuyang (Zingiber zerumbet)

Lempuyang is one herb plant that is very popular among the individuals of Indonesia. Lempuyang has a shape that looks like ginger and galangal, the tuber that jointed. Lempuyang a tuber that goes into the genus Zingiber, with the Latin name of the species is Zingiberzerumbetlempuyang.

Traditional Medicine with Lempuyang

In Indonesia, lempuyang often used as one of the main ingredients of the manufacture of herbal medicine known as herbal medicine puyangchilli. Medicine puyang chili is of course a lot of important benefits for our health. You can find these herbs in chili puyang traditional herbalist who often around housing or can be found in traditional markets.

Part of spices named lempuyang the most commonly used is the root or rhizome, the same as the benefits of ginger, turmeric benefits and benefits galangal. Usually, rhizomes or tubers of lempuyang processed into herbal drinks puyangchilli, which has many benefits for our health.

Here are some benefits of lempuyang for our health:

Prevent Cancer

The first benefit of the rhizome of the plant lempuyan for the health of our bodies is capable of preventing the emergence of cancer cells.  lempuyang is good to prevent cancer because it is able to inhibit and prevent the growth of cancer cells in our body.

Cancer itself is a kind of disease that is extremely dangerous and is also feared by many people because it has a very high risk to cause severe health problems, even death. So, by consuming herbal medicines and preparations of tubers lempuyang regularly, you certainly will avoid the risk of this cancer.

Increased appetite

For those of you who disturbances in eating patterns, due to a lack of appetite, then you can try to eat herbs and potions are made using refined tubers or rhizomes of Zingiber. Rhizome of Zingiber contains almai and benefits to help increase appetite. Especially in children and also emreka who often suffer from eating disorders.

Our bodies need food to get adequate nutrition so they can avoid a wide variety of health problems. Therefore, try to consume a concoction made using lempuyang that your appetite for the better and improving.

Increase in metabolism

Lempuyang also has benefits both to increase your metabolism. The body’s metabolism is needed to help process all kinds of nutrients in the body so as not to accumulate. One important benefit of the body’s metabolism more important is that it helps to keep in shape so that your body always looks fresh and always eager to perform each activity.

Can help to slim

A metabolism that is very well maintained with good, then it is definitely going to happen the fat burning process in the body. The fat burning process in the body will be better and also optimal when the body’s metabolism increases. So, in outline, the metabolic processes can help you to lose weight because the body can burn fat more often, so as to prevent the buildup of fat in your body, which causes obesity and obesity.

Treating diarrhea and dysentery

Benefits lempuyang also have excellent usability to help treat diarrhea and dysentery. Diarrhea and dysentery is one of the disorders of the digestive organs, which is characterized by difficulty in defecation and also pain and tenderness apda part of the stomach. By drinking a potion made from the rhizome of Zingiber, then diarrhea and dysentery also can be cured, and you can resume activity back without having to worry about the pain and abdominal pain again.

Facilitate the body’s digestive system

Besides good to help treat diarrhea and dysentery, it turns herbal concoctions made from rhizomes lempuyang also has excellent benefits to help keep your digestive health, while helping to facilitate your digestive system. This, of course, can embantu to prevent Silit constipation or bowel movements and can relieve stomach feels queasy and fullness due not digestive system is functioning properly. It also can help you lose weight optimally.

Can help moisturize the skin

Lempuyang was also very good for our skin. Lempuyang can help to maintain skin moisture. This can prevent the emergence of symptoms of dry and rough skin, and wrinkles on the skin. With porters humidity is maintained, then you will be protected from other disorders of the skin, such as skin rough and scaly.

Maintain skin health

lempuyang for the skin is able to maintain healthy skin. Lempuyang can maintain skin elasticity and also elastiristas, as well as keeping the skin brightness. This makes your skin will always be maintained brightness, and make your skin become more beautiful. In addition, some sources also said that


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