Rub This Homemade Magnesium Lotion on Your Skin to Help Relieve Pain in Minutes

Health | July 13, 2019


If so happens that you are constantly on the move or exercise regularly, you should definitely always have three things in mind: to keep your  body well hydrated, your skin moisturized, and also protected from harmful UV rays, and you also need to take the rest your body needs.

Today here we are going to talk about one organic remedy that is a not so known and that will keep your skin hydrate and relieve the pain in the muscles – magnesium lotion.

This one is a mineral which is extremely important for the body and it is needed for more than 300 chemical reactions. There follow the most important health benefits of magnesium:

Boosts circulation
Aids the absorption of vitamin D from the sun
Can reduce the diabetes risk
Balances energy levels
Heals and alleviates inflammation and injuries
Supports the health of the bones

This kind of mineral is extremely important for the body, but what is unfortunate , modern diets, especially the American one, lack it. It has been actually proven  that an adult gets only 66% of the daily recommended value of magnesium.

Magnesium topical application will supplement your body with this mineral, as the body will absorb it through the skin.

Doctor Norman Shealy from the American Holistic Medical Association has conducted a study that involved participants which used magnesium flake foot soaks and topically applied magnesium oil on a daily basis. After one month, 75% of the participants has shown a very noticeable increase in their magnesium levels.

The natural moisturizing body butter is going to  moisturize and soothe muscles as well as protect the skin from sun damage, because shea butter and avocado oil have a natural SPF ranging from 4 – 10.

Here follows how to make it:

Homemade Moisturizing Magnesium Body Butter- the recipe


Magnesium Oil

Three tablespoons of boiling water
A half cup magnesium flakes

Include the magnesium and boiling water to a suitable container and stir well to let them dissolve and then let it cool.

Magnesium Body Butter

A half cup magnesium oil
Two  tablespoons emulsifying wax
Three tablespoons shea butter
A quarter cup of avocado oil (or some sweet almond oil or unrefined coconut oil)


Fill in a small pot to about a quarter  with water and boil it and then  lower the heat to allow it to simmer and place a Pyrex bowl on top to make a double-boiler.

After all this, include the ingredients except for the magnesium oil, and leave them to melt and then let the mixture to cool to room temperature. Mix it in a blender and gradually add the magnesium oil.

After it is done, let it in the fridge to cool for 15 minutes, blend once more, and your magnesium body butter is ready for use!

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