This Little-Known Tricks Will Help You Fight Arthritis, Sciatica And Back Pain Better Than Pills

Do you want to enhance your skin, boost immunity, and heal faster? Well, castor oil is the right solution for you! This affordable ingredient provides many health benefits and can be used regularly to relieve back pain, clear blemishes, and heal temporary strains.

This natural remedy will help you to treat a great number of health problems, including the following:

1. Castor oil can effectively treat wounds and bruises.

2. Use the oil to massage your stomach in the last 2 months of pregnancy to prevent stretch marks.

3. To treat hearing loss, apply a few drops of castor oil in the ears.

4. Use the oil for 4 weeks to effectively remove warts.

5. After a 2-week application, castor oil can relieve snoring.

6. This oil can accelerate the healing of hepatitis.

7. To eliminate nail fungus, apply the oil on the affected areas every day.

8. It relieves pain and itching from insect bites and bee stings.

9. Combined with baking soda, this oil can effectively treat skin cancer.

10. To remove calcium deposits, massage your feet with castor oil every day.

11. Apply castor oil on your stomach to alleviate chronic diarrhea.

12. Castor oil aids recovery from alcoholism.

13. When applied on a regular basis, it can be beneficial for the treatment of melanoma.

14. Massage your head with castor oil for 20 minutes before shampooing to boost hair growth.

15. Wrists wrapped in castor oil overnight can heal the injury.

16. Apply castor oil to get rid of pilonidal cysts.

17. To fight cataracts, apply one drop of castor oil in your eye every night before sleeping.

18. Castor oil can improve the health in the terminal phase of cancer.

19. To get rid of tinnitus, apply 6-8 drops a day for 1 month.

20. Apply castor oil to the stomach to treat hyperactivity.

21. To treat allergies, apply 5 drops of castor oil each morning.

22. To lighten dark spots, mix castor oil with baking soda.

23. To relive chronic hoarseness, use the oil on the vocal cords every day for 3 months.

24. Rub a bit of castor oil on the eyelids before sleeping to relieve the symptoms of ocular allergies.

25. To relieve back pain, apply the oil to the back once a week.

How To Make Castor Oil Wipes

You can easily make castor oil compresses. Just gather some plastic sheets, cold-pressed oil, a hot water bottle, clean gauze or cotton flannel, and a towel.

Remember to clean your skin with baking soda before and after using the compress. Soak gauze in castor oil and apply to the affected area, cover with a plastic sheet, and place a hot water bottle over it. Wrap a towel over it and hold it in place for at least an hour.


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